Aging Spinsters: A Stephin Merritt Fan-Blog

"I similarly can’t say enough good things about the cast. Sheridan Singleton does a spectacular job of bringing the title character to life, and I feel as though the spotlight usually reserved for this type of role is well-shared amongst her castmates. The play calls for a small cast, with several actors doubling as rats and dogs and ghost children and all such manner of things, which could lead to a messy production if not handled properly. But the entire cast handles this responsibility really gracefully and the transitions never come across any harsher than they need to. Of particular note is Justin Kimrey, who plays the Father, Other Father, and a slew of others. It was really fun to watch his subtle shifts in energy as he embodied each different role, the scene of the Other Father’s demise being a particular highlight that was very eerie and fun to watch."

Aging Spinsters reviews Coraline


Kate Merena

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