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"If, like me, you are not one of the many Neil Gaiman groupies in the audience, you’ll likely still enjoy this musical adaptation of Gaiman’s fantastical novel, Coraline (not Caroline). Spunky Coraline Jones (Sheridan Singleton) travels through a netherworld she discovers in her London apartment building; it's here that she meets Other Mother, a seductive, terrifying creator of a world featuring noisy toys, dog theater, and humans with black-button eyes. As in all important journeys, our heroine learns a few things along the way: what it means to be brave and the odd truth that we don’t really want to get what we want—at least not all the time. Nick Sula directs the musical score by Stephin Merritt, which includes songs written specifically for toy piano."

Coraline is Reader Recommended


Kate Merena

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